My First Time: A Suitable Vengeance

A Suitable VengeanceIn this edition of “My First Time,” Editorial Director Robert Allen shares the first audiobook he listened to and how his listening has evolved.

I had always been read to as a child and the idea of listening to an audiobook was very appealing. I thought mysteries would be a good place to start because they are usually plot driven and easy to follow. My first audiobook was A Suitable Vengeance by Elizabeth George, and not only did it bring me into the world of audio but introduced me to George and the Inspector Lynley series. With that first audiobook I became an avid listener and a devoted fan of the author, both in audio and in print.

At the time, most audiobooks were abridged and I was always concerned about missing out on the story. As the prevalence of unabridged audio grew so did my listening habits. My listening is now an extension of my reading and incudes pretty much all categories – from fiction to nonfiction, from commercial to literary. In fact an audio program will sometimes give me a way to re-experience something I have already read and loved by offering a new dimension to the story. I recently listened to The Marriage Plot by Jeffrey Eugenides. I loved reading the book but the audiobook gave me a new appreciation to the beautiful writing and how it actually sounds read aloud. It was a wonderful experience.

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